Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Interview Girl, Interviewed.

Yes, you read right. I have been interviewed. By my uncle. 

Here it is!

It's time to turn the tables on the curiously strange but cunning Interview Girl. What makes her tick? There is so much I could ask her, but here is the condensed version. Enjoy! ~ Interview Girl's uncle

1: If there was one word to describe you, what would it be?
 Um . . . . . dependable. I think that would describe me best.

2:  Which do you prefer? Paperback, hardcover, or e-reader?
Well, any are fine with me, as long as it's a book. But I think I like paperback the best. 

3: What is the record number of books you've read in a week in your lifetime?
I think it was seven. Or eight. One of those. :)

4: What is your favorite book and why?
AH!!!! You had to ask me that. I have many favorites, but my absolute favorites? Um . . . . It would be a tie between "Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland" and "The Red Siren".

5: At what age did you officially start writing stories?
Well, I've been writing my entire life, but I started getting serious about it a year ago this August. 

6: Will you pursue writing books someday?
*smile* I already am. I plan on being an author and marketer/editor/sales whatever it was I agreed to be in the Fearsome Foursome Publishing biz.

7: What do you do when you get writer's block?
Normally I'll stop writing for awhile. I'll just read books and edit other people's stories. 

8: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Lotza wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

9: What themes do you like to read and write about? 
Christian Romance/ anything. Well, anything besides horror. 

10: As a Christian, when you get to Heaven, what questions will you have for God?
I'd like to know everything. I'd ask Him about why He created the planets. I'd ask Him how it felt to give up His only Son for people like us. I'd ask Him about everything and anything. 

Thanks Uncle Robert for the great interview!

Well, that's the end of the interview! But, I can't thank myself, so I'll just ask if you enjoyed. ;) 


  1. You mean my book isn't the best you've ever read?!?! I'M INSULTED!!!! :D jkjk Awesome interview. Answering questions is so much fun, isn't it? I'd rather be asked questions than come up with them.

    1. Ugh, me too. I've found that, while I love interviewing, I like being interviewed better. And your book isn't published yet!!!! When it is, it shall be on my favorite list. ^_^

  2. Cute interview!!!

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