Friday, March 30, 2012

"To Dance Once More" Book Review!

Okay, so Sherri Wilson Johnson was my VERY FIRST interview, and you can only imagine how happy I was to interview her book.

At first, I couldn't really "get into it". Probably because I had a headache, my eyes were hurting, and having 6 siblings doesn't make it any easier, lol. But once I got around the 2nd/3rd chapter, I didn't want to put it down. It evoked emotions that you know the FMC (Female Main Character) is feeling. Such as anger, hurt, sadness, happiness, confusion, ect. And there are many twists and turns throughout the entire book. Like my Mother said, you think you know what's about to happen and you think it's about to end, but then there's another twist, and the ending will probably shock you. And the title? I had wondered about it before reading, but after I had finished reading it, I knew it was the perfect title.You will embark on a journey with Lydia, a journey you DO NOT want to miss! Over all, I rate this book 4.5 stars. Let me just say, Miss Sherri did a fantastic job. I hope to see and read more by her in the near future!

Buy the book here!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Indelible" book review

I have always loved Kristen Heitzmann's books. They have  certain charm that none others have.
This book is about a young woman named Natalie with a Eidetic Memory and a young man named Trevor with regretful past. Together they draw comfort and peace from each other, and are able to forget the past and the present. But when Trevor starts getting mysterious letters from a mysterious person, his past is suddenly confronting him.
Not wanting to include Natalie in his problems, he tries to keep the letters secret, but to no avail. Natalie becomes targeted, and her "gift" and sculpting seem to now be a curse.
Once you start on this journey with Natalie and Trevor, you won't want it to end.
The only problem I had with this book was that it was in E-Book form. I found it hard to follow when the book wasn't in my hand, but you might not have that problem. If you love action, drama, and romance, you will love this book!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Book review, "Addison Blakely-- Confessions of a PK"

Remember the interview with Betsy St. Amant? Well, she sent me her book, "Addison Blakely-- Confessions of a PK", and let me be bold.

I loved it.

So, I read it all in about 7 hours (I kept getting distracted, then I fell asleep). My rating for it? 5.0 stars. I rarely give 5 stars to anything, so you know I loved it. This is an ideal book for teens everywhere. And especially for PK's (Preacher Kids). I fell in love with this book after the first page, and I felt like I could connect with Addison. She was going through a lot of troubles, many of them the average teen faces everyday. Let's just say I felt like I KNEW Addison. There were a few small twists, enough to keep you reading. I didn't want to put this book down.
I felt depressed when it ended. I had grown to love Addison and all the crazy, imperfect characters in the book. It felt like I was saying goodbye to a best friend or  loved one. Ms. Betsy wrote this flawlessly (If that's not a word, it is now ;). No, I'm not exaggerating or trying to flatter anyone. I always state my true opinion.
My favorite character would be a tie between Addison (The main character) and Marta (Addison's friend). Their bond was so visible, as if I were there, or as if I were one of them.
Do you know a teenager or just looking for a read to bring you back to the High School days? Buy this.
There is tons of Romance, Drama, Mocha's, Gummi Bears, and Lemon Drops (Two of my favorite candies!). So embark with Addison, on a journey of love, betrayal, religion, friendships, and much more!

 The back of the book: "Sixteen-year-old Addison Blakely has tireless played the role of PK—preacher’s kid—her entire life. But after Wes Keegan revs his motorcycle into town and into her heart, Addison begins to wonder how much of her faith is her own and how much has been handed to her. She isn’t so sure she wants to be the good girl anymore. Join Addison Blakely as she attempts to separate love from lust, facts from faith, and keep her head above water in her murky, fishbowl existence."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interview with Abigail Rios!

Abigail Rios is a Teen Writer, one I met on Go Teen Writers. She's not published, yet. Her novel sounds very interesting, so I'll just start the interview. :)

1. What is your MS (Manuscript, for those who don't know) about?

It's about a girl, Angie who stays with her dad for a month and the most horrible things happen to her. Her sister ends up being hurt and her brother, poor little boy, was abused the time she was out with her boyfriend. Her dad thinks everything is his fault and as a result, he kills himself. Angie has it rough on her but she has her boyfriend to her throughout the whole thing.
2. What is the current word count of your MS?I so far have 67,199 words

3. What is your word count goal?

MY goal is to be at least past 80,000.

4. When do you hope to be finished with your MS?

This has to be finished at least by next month. Once I finish, I will work on the sequel to this book and I am very excited. Especially because it's my first novel and the story is basically telling itself.

What current draft are you on?

I have many other ideas but I haven't yet started to write it as a novel. So I am currently working on this draft.

5.  If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would that be?

If I could have dinner with anyone, I would have dinner with my dad to make things right and have a father-daughter relationship.

6.  What is a question you've always wanted to be asked in an interview?

I always imagined myself being in an interview and the one thing I always ask myself, how did you come up with the idea.

7.  If you could be anyone, real or fictional, who would you be?

If I could be anyone real or fictional I would be Molly Moon from the Molly Moon Series by Georgia Byng. I just love how she makes Molly Moon and I just think it would be cool to be her.
8. Once your book is published, what will you do to celebrate?

Mhm that's a good one. Once my book is published, firstly I would jump all over my house screaming "Yay I got published!" Then I would call everyone and be like you guys better buy my book! Probably then, my mom would take me out to eat or something. But definitely I would be excited and share the news with everyone. After the celebrating, I would right away this isn't a game anymore and I would take my writing career seriously. This is what I want to do!
And I really hope that you do get published! I'm very sure you will!

Well, I guess that's it. Hopefully soon I should be doing more interviews and reviews on books. I've been accepted to review books for Bethany House Publishers, so you'll be seeing some of that very soon. Thank you all, and God bless!