Saturday, June 9, 2012

"50 Days of Hope" book review.

     This book was given to me to review. It's for cancer patients. I do not have cancer, I hope I never will have cancer, and I hope none of y'all have/ever have it either.

On to the review. 2 stars. I wasn't impressed by it, but then again, I don't have/know anyone who has cancer. I feel for people who have cancer, I really do. I wish there was a cure, but there isn't. I recommend this book if you are a cancer patient, or know someone who is. But for those of us who aren't, do not even try.

Very short review, huh? Sorry, I'm just not into non-fiction.


  1. Well, I am gonna suggest if you do not care for nonfiction books then do not review them, sweetie! Also, if you can't give a book a good review, please don't post it. Those are my thoughts. Big hugs!

    1. I would have loved not to post it, I hate giving bad reviews, that's why I kept it short, but this was a review book. I had to post the review to receive another book. It was the only book I was able to review by that publisher, so I had to post my honest opinion. I have nothing against the author, I hope she prospers in her writing and I pray for her and all other cancer patients. God bless.