Thursday, May 17, 2012

Really exciting news!

So, you've all heard about my friend Becki, the one who came up with the blog tag. Well, guess what? She self-published her VERY FIRST BOOK!!!!!! EEEEK!!!! Sorry, I'm really excited for her. REALLY excited.

Becki, AKA Beekee, the newly self-published author!!

Her GORGEOUS book cover, featuring her  lovely sister, Abri.
Anyway, her book is called Shieldmaiden.
And here's the back of her book:
 "A novella about a girl who must rescue the Prince and his friend, and stop a plot to take over the thrown, all while protecting herself. “I need your help. Are you up for another adventure?” When the Prince and his best friend are kidnapped by a nefarious man, who wants to take over the throne, who will King James call in to rescue them? The King's guards? Spies? The King himself? Or maybe . . . a girl? Join Alasstryne on a perilous journey to rescue two boys. But the journey doesn't end there. A plot to storm the city, Dalziel, has been uncovered. Will Lassey be able to stop it?"
Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Well, it is. I've read one of her drafts (I forget which one) and it's really good.
Now, you can read an excerpt from the book if you Click Here. You can also buy the book from there.

Well, it's official. Becki Badger is a Teen Author! Whoot! You can congratulate her below in the comments and/or go on her blog (Click Here!!!). Well, I'll be posting another review soon! TTYL!!!


  1. That is really exciting. Many have a dream of being published but never do anything to further that dream. And in time it fades because it seems so unreachable. I'm so happy for her. Quite an accomplishment. Hope this is just the beginning of her dreams coming true. And you too Katelyn. Never give up your dreams and we will be celebrating your book

    1. I know that all too well. And I won't. I understand dreams take time to accomplish. And I have every intention of making my dreams come true.