Sunday, May 27, 2012

Firestorm by Lisa T. Bergren review


I rate this book 3.5 stars.

About this book:
"As a smoke jumper, Reyne Oldre--friend to Rachel Tanner and Beth Morgan (Refuge)--once led a team of courageous firefighters into a blaze that ended in unspeakable tragedy. Now crippled by fear, she conducts fire research from a safe distance, determined not to risk that kind of pain again. But when the flames of love begin to flicker between her and smoke jumper Logan McCabe, Reyne must face the fearsome storms from her past and battle the raging Firestorm that burns in her soul." 

What I think about it:
This book is better than the one I last read by her. It was sweeter, but definitely sillier.
The heroine, Reyne, seemed to be a bit childish and silly, and the author's excuse for that was that she had watched some of her fire crew die.
The hero is a bit arrogant and seems to think he's just too charming for anyone. Also, the relationship advances way too quickly. I don't really think it was all that bad, but just not my type of book.

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