Monday, January 9, 2012

Interview with Betsy St. Amant

* I judge the book by grammer, spelling, plot, and, well, everything that matters! I do not always agree with all religious standings, or Bible doctrines. Please keep that in mind.*

My PhotoBetsy St. Amant lives in Louisiana and is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers group. She is multi-published through Steeple Hill and has been published in Christian Communicator magazine and Praise Reports: Inspiring Real Life Stories of How God Answers Prayer. One of her short stories, ‘Kickboxing or Chocolate’, appears in a Tyndale compilation book, and she is also multi-published through The Wild Rose Press. Her first YA novel, ADDISON BLAKELY, CONFESSIONS OF A PK releases January 2012 via Barbour Publishers. She has a BA in Christian Communications and regularly freelances for her local newspaper. Betsy is a fireman’s wife, a mommy to a busy toddler, a chocolate-loving author and an avid reader who enjoys sharing the wonders of God’s grace through her stories.

Sixteen-year-old Addison Blakely has tireless played the role of PK—preacher’s kid—her entire life. But after Wes Keegan revs his motorcycle into town and into her heart, Addison begins to wonder how much of her faith is her own and how much has been handed to her. She isn’t so sure she wants to be the good girl anymore. Join Addison Blakely as she attempts to separate love from lust, facts from faith, and keep her head above water in her murky, fishbowl existence.

Addison Blakely: Confessions of a PK

How old are you?

What inspired you to write Addison Blakely--Confessions of a PK?
I wanted to write a story for a niche of readers that I felt had been ignored so far. There's a lot of books out there for strong Christians, for new Christians and for secular, non-Christian readers. But not a lot for girls who grew up in church but aren't really sure they are a Christian. I wanted to address that. Sometimes, when we grow up immersed in a certain belief system, we tend to swim along with it but not ever embrace it for ourselves. That's the depth of Addison's journey.

          Did you ever imagine you would get published?
 I hoped and prayed! But yes I think I believed it for the most part. Not arrogantly, but just in the sense that I was determined to try my hardest for as long as it took. Giving up wasn't an option.

What was the hardest part of Addison Blakely--Confessions of a PK for you to write?
 I think that would be the faith journey. I wanted to make Addison's thoughts and feelings about God real but not preachy for the reader. I wanted it to be honest and inviting but not pushy. That's a fine line to ride. So far, I've seen reviews saying I've hit it both ways, so each reader will have a different opinion and that's fine. You can't please everyone - God knows which readers need this story!

What kept you inspired and motivated to finish writing Addison Blakely--Confessions of a PK?
A contract! I sold this story on proposal, so I HAD to finish They'd already paid me. Plus I loved it. I wanted to see what all would happen too...

What is your favorite author/book?
I have several fav authors, they are in no order - Susan May Warren, Julie Klassen, Lisa Wingate, Rachel Hauck, Nicholas Sparks, Susan Meissner, and Julie Lessman to name a few!

Do you outline, or just write idea's as they come?
I have to write outlines, because I typically sell on proposal and a proposal must include a full synopsis of the story! But I like to be organized that way, anyway.

What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?
It sounds trite but seriously, don't give up! If you quit trying you will never succeed. A fact. Rejections will come, even after you are published. That probably won't change or at least not for a long, long time. Learn from them and move forward. Never take shortcuts - do your best. And listen to those who have gone before.

What is your favorite character of Addison Blakely--Confessions of a PK and why?
Wes. He was so fun to form and develop and get to know. I think of him a little like Jess from Gilmore Girls. Misunderstood, a great heart, but rough edges...

If you could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, who would that person be?
I always think of the best answers for this question when I'm not being asked it! Lol, Either Jane Austen or Nicholas Sparks, to ask about writing and brainstorming. Hehe...

You can find out more about Betsy St. Amant at her blog and website. The link is below! God bless you all!

Now, I am doing something different. I am having my first character interview! This is where I ask Betsy questions as if I were talking to one of her characters. Here goes!
My interview with Marta, Addison's BFF:

Where do you live?
I'm from Stuttgart, Germany, but recently participated in an exchange program here in the US! I've been staying with my host family in Kansas. Talk about culture shock.

Where are you from?
Didn't I already say this?

How old are you?
I'm 16. But my mom always tells me I have an old soul. Whatever that means.

What do you do for a living?
School, though I don't get paid nearly enough for it ::wink::

Do you have any family?
I have two sisters and a brother. We all still live at home in Germany with my parents.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Addison has gotten me addicted to her beloved coffee shop, so I tend to drink mochas a lot lately. My jeans have been noticing, for sure. Ha! Past that, I like to go and do and see. Shop, read, eat, people watch. Experience life!

What are your goals?
To talk some sense into Addison? haha That was a recent goal, anyway. ::grins:: So far so good. Seriously though, I want to help people and hope to have a job one day where I get paid to do that full time. I just love people and motivating others to do good.

What is your relationship with Addison?
We're besties, as she says. BFF's, and all that. hehe. That must be an American term. But truly, she is a dear friend to me and I'm going to miss her so much when I go back to Germany.

Do you try to influence Addison to do the right, or the wrong, or not at all?
The right thing. Which isn't always just my opinion but what the Bible says or teaches. She knows that, knows truth. Just needs to hear it from time to time! But don't we all?

What do you think of Wes and his relationship with Addison?
::Eye roll:: This is a long story. Let's just say at first I wasn't thrilled, but he sort of grew on me. ::snorts:: Sort of. We'll see.

And that was our interview! I hope you all enjoyed it! Thank you!



  1. I had lots of fun too. Thanks for letting me interview you. I never thought I'd interview someone who I had actually read a book from (and loved it!)

  2. One of my first big interviews on my blog many moons ago (geez it's been like 4 or 5 years now!) was Robin Jones Gunn - talk about hero-worship! I was giddy!!! And shell shocked. lol It turned out great. She's so precious. One of my fav writers of all time.