Sunday, April 21, 2013

Book review: Swept Away by Mary Connealy

Swept Away (Trouble in Texas, #1)This book, in my opinion, was not the best Mary Connealy book. I found myself skimming at times. This may be because of the cover.

I don't really like the cover. The girl who is supposed to be Ruthy looks like she's TRYING to be sassy, and he . . . well, I don't really like the way he looks. Faces on covers really affect the way I look at the story. And these faces didn't help. Also, on the spine, his face is really creepy. My siblings and I joked about his "I have candy in my van" face, or so they called it.

The story, overall, was lovely. As they always are. I was hoping for something more, though. I'm not sure what. It's just that every one of her books are like this. If you've read one, you've read them all. I don't know what I was hoping for, but I didn't get it.

We have our tough heroine. Our charming hero. Great side characters. The whole thing.  But, in my opinion, it was lacking humor. All of her other books have lines that make me laugh out loud all throughout it. With this one, I don't recall laughing once.

I'm not saying it was bad, I'm just saying it's not as great as her other ones.

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