Friday, July 20, 2012

"A Passion Most Pure" book review!

A Passion Most Pure (Daughters of Boston, #1)This was possibly the most maddening book I have ever read. I hated Charity until near the end, and have never wanted to slap a character so badly. I didn't like Collin at first. I mean, he was a heart breaker and womanizer. I didn't like him until the middle of the book. 
     I liked the father, Mr. O'Connor, for the most part. He was a very sturdy, lovable character. The mother, Mrs. O'Connor, was also a sturdy character, yet a bit emotional (NOTHING wrong with that. It fit her character very well, and was never overdone, like I have seen others do.). Faith was a sweet, yet feisty, character. 
     She fit my thought of "Irish" perfectly. Lots of temper to go with the red hair. I loved (most of) the characters. And the plot! I have never screamed at a book like I have this one. It took me four days to read it, because I'd get mad and put it down, and then I'd start pacing, arguing with them in my head (Crazy, I know). I give this four stars. I genuinely loved the book DESPITE the absolutely frustrating characters! Now I need the second book! (I WILL get it soon.) 
I recommend this book highly. Really, it is a must read!

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