Friday, April 6, 2012

"Mercy Come Morning", One of the worst books I've read, ever.

I found this book to be boring from start to finish. The plot was unknown, you never really know what the story is about. The characters are under-developed, and there are many punctuation mistakes thoughout. It is very confusing, going back and forth from one part of the Main Character's life to another. You may like it, but I did not.
Anyway, here is what the book is about:
Krista is a young womn who is bitter about her past. She hates her mother for never telling her that she loved her. She goes back to her old home when her Ex-boyfriend who runs the nursing home where her mother resides tells her that Charlotte (the mother) is dying. Once there, she learns to forgive, let go, and fall in love. That is basically all I got from this story.

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